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TreadleOn Block Exchange Summary

What is a TOBE?
TOBE is an acronym for TreadleOn Block Exchange. It's purpose is to encourage you to use your people powered (PP) machines, therefore all TOBE blocks must be made on either a handcrank or treadle sewing machine. You make blocks according to the TOBE specifications and send them to the hostess, who swaps the blocks from all participants. You get the same number of blocks back that you sent in, from lots of different people and sewn on lots of different machines. We sometimes exchange individual items instead of quilt blocks. Past exchanges have included pin cushions, aprons, tote bags, and pot holders.
How to Sign TOBE blocks
How to Mail TOBE blocks
TOBE Hostess Info
TOBE Schedule Summary

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Basic TOBE block construction instructions

Basic TOBE instructions (4 patch, rail fence, half square triangle)

Trail to Treadleonia (Shaded 4 patch) instructions)


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