Davis VF Shuttles

HAVF shuttle

LAVF Shuttle

Photos courtesy Kelly in PA
SN 151744

Shuttle length = 1.85"

Bobbin length = 1.30"
Bobbin inside width = .95"

"Davis short", below?













HAVF shuttle


VF1 boat shuttle (early)

Photo Courtesy of Donna in Fresno
SN 428110

VF2 shuttle

VF1 Boat shuttle (late)

Photos courtesy of Kelly Pakes
SN 535379

Shuttle length = 1.95"

Bobbin length = 1.40"
Bobbin inside width = 1.05"

Halfway between:

"Davis old style, low arm, no notch"
"Davis high arm, notched boat type"

below (has notch, but does not have rounded end):








VF2 shuttle

NVF shuttle

NVF "Davis Long" bullet shuttle

Photo courtesy of Kelly in PA
SN 3775748

Shuttle length = 2.08"

Bobbin length = 1.42"
Bobbin inside width = 1.25"












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