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If you have corrections or additions to information on one of my pages, please email me using the link below. I am always happy to receive new information, including photos of machines I do not have represented.

I am always looking for dated Domestic and Demorest serial numbers. If you have copies of dated receipts or warranties with serial numbers I would be thrilled to receive them! This includes badged machines.

Dated advertisements that show details of the sewing machine model or cabinet are also useful.

I am looking for copies of the following manuals

I am looking for information about the connection between the Domestic Sewing Machine Company and the King Sewing Machine Company and between the Demorest Sewing Machine Company and the New York Sewing Machine Company and the Willams Sewing Machine Company.

Please do not contact me asking me what your sewing machine is worth

Value depends on condition, location, rarity and the current market. Unless it is a super rare model or in pristine condition, it is most likely worth whatever a common Singer machine of the same era goes for in your area. Where I live, that is anywhere from free up to $100 for treadles and up to $150 for hand cranks. I will not reply to emails asking what your machine is worth.

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Email me at with "Domestic Info" or "Demorest Info" or "Davis VF Info" in the subject line.